Harvest Tool Company LLC

Underreamers, Drill Bits, Section Mills, Casing Cutters, Hole Openers, Projectile Tools

Rotor Underreamer

  • Multiple blades (6 or 3) allows better centralization and hole tracking especially in horizontal underreaming, mill sectioning or cutting casing.
  • Air, air mist, water or drilling circulation may be used.
  • Normal or reverse circulation.
  • Can cut up or down.
  • Can cut longer intervals due to longer blade widths.
  • Drill and underream simultaneously.
  • Mill and underream simultaneously.
  • Various tipping and materials available including long life tungsten carbide rollers, tungsten carbide disc cutters, pdc (polycrystalline diamond compact) disc cutters and hardfacing.
  • Circulation used more efficiently to open tool and clean hole.
  • Special alloy steel with high hardness and impact strength.
  • Various closed and open diameter combinations available.
  • Harvest Tool Company has over 12 years of record underreams and hole enlargement.

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