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Replaceable Blade Drill Bit

  • PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) discs or TC (tungsten carbide) discs.
  • Repetitive cutter disc coverage.
  • Efficient fluid delivery along cutter faces.
  • Drill bit blades pinned and locked or weld attached.
  • Easy on location replacement of blades (est. 50% cost savings of new bit) reducing drilling costs.
  • Blades easily redressed - reduced drilling costs.
  • Best blade profiles and/or cutter rake angles can be determined on location with additional blade sets.
  • A negative rake is not required as with most PDC drill bits.
  • Numerous diameters available.
  • Body is made of special alloy steel with high hardness and impact strength.
  • Send us digital pictures of your worn or damaged bits for review.

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