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Jet Cavity Underreamer

  • Patented "fluid through the blades" system that is unique to the industry.
  • Air, air mist, water or drilling mud may be used for circulation.
  • Optional fluid expulsion out end of blades for large diameter cavitation or clean out.
  • Drill and ream simultaneously if desired.
  • Various tipping materials available including:
    • Tungsten carbide rollers
    • Tungsten carbide cutters
    • PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) disc cutters
    • Hardfacing
  • Circulation used more efficiently to open tool and clean hole.
  • Increase recoverable reserves by having a lower final productive reservoir pressure.
  • More efficient rock removal with lower percentage of rock disintegration and straighter hole.
  • Reduced drill string torque which is easier on the drill string.
  • Unplagued by cuttings which cause conventional underreamers to become stuck open.
  • Easy open and close for cavity cleaning.
  • Coal bed methane and harder rock completions.
  • Widen wellbore between cavitated zones to alleviate sloughing production bottlenecks.
  • Horizontal well intersection applications.
  • Underbalanced drilling of horizontal well applications.
  • Enlarged holes or downhole fluid separation and collection.
  • Available in short pilot nose or long pilot to allow leading bit to track previous hole.
  • Special alloy steel with high hardness and impact strength.
  • various closed and open diameter combinations available.
  • Harvest Tool Company has over 18 years of record underreams and hole enlarements.
  • Harvest Tool Company has completed hundreds of wells to 6 foot (1,829 mm) diameter or greater below 7 inch (178 mm) casing.

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