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Underreamers, Drill Bits, Section Mills, Casing Cutters, Hole Openers, Projectile Tools

About Harvest Tool Company

We manufacture unique underreamers (large and small), section mills, casing cutters, hole opener and replaceable blade PDC drill bits.

We ship and service world wide.

Recent improvements include capability of harder rock underreaming, improved bearing design and improved circulation flow.

Jet Underreamer

Underream the hole to diameters many times larger than the original hole.

Circulation through bottom of blades with optional flid expulsion out of the blade ends for an even larger diameter.

Rotor Underreamer, Rotor Section Mill, Rotor Casing Cutter

Underream to slightly larger diameters than the original hole. Mill section or cut pipe.
Multiple blades (6 or 3) allows better centralization and hole tracking especially in horizontal underreaming, mill sectioning or casing cutting.
Normal or reverse circulation

Cavity Underreamer

Basic large diameter Underreamer.

PDC Drill Bit

Blades replaceable on location for reduced drilling costs.
Various blade profiles and/or cutter rake angles possible with additional blade sets.

Expandable Jet Drill Bit

Drill bit with expandable blades for well bores with diameter restrictions above but more hole to drill with no existing hole to underream from.

Wireline Retrievable Jet Drill Bit

Wire line retrievable and deliverable inside casing or drill pipe.
Alleviate expensive, time consuming, and unsafe tripping of pipe, especially in deep wells.

Projectile Tool

Deep penetration of projectiles into rock.
Communicate far beyond any well bore skin damage.
Projectiles micro fracture rock and intersect natural fractures.

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